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Zeus FEP Shrink Tubing

Zeus FEP/PTFE Dual Shrink Tubing

Zeus ZEUS Dual-Shrink® tubing of fluoropolymer PTFE/FEP is constructed with an exterior of heat shrink PTFE and an inner layer of FEP. The outer PTFE layer shrinks while the inner FEP layer melts giving an almost solid encapsulation that can with stand sever stresses of vibration and pull. This product is available in both standard 4 foot lengths and custom cut pieces for your specific application. Used for electrical and medical components.
  • Service Temperature: Approx. 450°F (232°C)
Zeus PTFE/FEP Shrink-Melt Tubing
Part Number Min. Expanded I.D. Recovered I.D. Recovered Wall Price/4ft Length
SMDT-036 0.036 0.000 N/A 19.68
SMDT-060 0.060 0.000 N/A 28.80
SMDT-130 0.130 0.000 N/A 43.32
SMDT-160 0.160 0.000 N/A 40.44
SMDT-190 0.190 0.062 0.035 65.52
SMDT-250 0.250 0.125 0.035 74.88
SMDT-350 0.350 0.190 0.035 105.72
SMDT-450 0.450 0.312 0.055 200.88
SMDT-700 0.700 0.440 0.055 254.28
SMDT-950 0.950 0.630 0.065 430.56
Minimum quantities may apply depending on stock, Call 863-738-0084 or email

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