male luer taper gage 1986(E)

Luer Taper Gages, 1986(E) ISO 594/1

These conical Luer taper gages are used to measure and inspect hypodermic tubing needles and other medical equipment and are manufactured to comply with 1986(E) ISO 594/1. Orders include a long form certificate for customer quality documentation. The contact area for the female Luer gage is tungsten carbide is designed for fittings made of all materials. The male Luer gage is made from 440 stainless steel and designed for use with semi-rigid fittings.
Conical Luer Taper Gages, 6% Taper
Part Number Image Description Price*
LTG-02F 1986(E) luer taper gage ISO594/1 1986(E) Female Luer Taper Gage, all materials, ISO 594/1 $1410.00
LTG-01M male luer taper gage 1986(E) 1986(E) Male Luer Taper Gage, semi-rigid material, ISO 594/1 $1325.00