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Metal & Ceramic Fasteners


MACHINE SCREWS are high-quality, miniature stainless steel machine screws available in all sizes and lengths from #0000-160 to #8-32. Head and drive styles for the screws do vary by size.

MINIATURE SELF-TAPPING SCREWS are Type BP point, self-tapping or sheet metal, screws and are used for fastening thin plastics, metals or wood.

SOCKET HEAD CAP SCREWS are made of stainless steel with hex key drives as small as #0-80. These high-strength tension fasteners are designed for clamping assemblies and are commonly used in tool and die fixture applications as well as other applications requiring reliable, durable connections.

CERAMIC MACHINE SCREWS are available in thread sizes down to #0-80 and possess the stiffness and rigidity of a monolithic ceramic. Ceramic screws are produced using low pressure injection molded ceramics utilizing a 99.8% fully dense aluminum oxide (Alumina A998). Non-magnetic Alumina is chemically inert and resistant to abrasions, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. These qualities as well as biocompatibility make these screws a beneficial option for medical and laboratory applications. These fasteners also have excellent insulation qualities and are resistant to corrosion and high temperatures of up to 2000°C. They also possess a thermal expansion coefficient to efficiently match other materials surrounding them.

Application Examples

  • INDUSTRIAL: Machine screws are used in fastening applications where smaller size fasteners are needed because of space limitations or device size. Socket head cap screws are used when there is limited space to access the fastener, but a strong fastener is still required.
  • LABORATORY: Self-tapping screws are often used as leads in animal sciences research.
  • MEDICAL: Ceramic screws are found in medical lighting and other instrumentation needed for heat and corrosion resistance.

Stock and Customization

Component Supply maintains large volumes of fasteners for efficient and competitive distribution, but consistent with our support of research and development, there are no minimum order requirements. However, discounts are available for large quantities. Please see individual product pages for further details on our stocked products.


Please see individual product pages for relevant quality information.

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