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Hypodermic Tubing

Hypodermic Tubing Information
Hypodermic tubing is stainless steel small diameter tubing available in a wide variety of gauge sizes and wall thicknesses. Several methods are used for welding and drawing this material depending on the gauge size and the mill producing the material. For example, it can be drawn through a series of external dies and welded, or it can be drawn through a series of external dies and an internal plug and then welded. Again, the process depends on the gauge size and the mill used for production.

Typically, this tubing comes in 10-foot lengths and is pinch cut, meaning both ends are slightly crimped. Hypodermic tubing is available in several wall thicknesses and in gauge sizes ranging from 5 to 36. The gauge sizes are based on the Birmingham Gauge, also known as Stubs Iron Wire Gauge, which references the outside diameter. As wall thickness changes for a particular gauge size, the inside diameter changes while the outside diameter remains constant.

Stainless steel is a family of iron-chromium alloys with effective corrosion resistance particularly known for their "non-rusting" attributes. Component Supply stocks hypodermic tubing in stainless steel 304, which possesses a minimum of 18% chromium and 8% nickel with a maximum of 0.08% carbon. It is in the chromium-nickel austenitic alloy family, and with its low carbon, it is preferable over 302 for applications requiring welding.

Application Examples
AEROSPACE: In some aerospace applications, hypodermic tubing is used as a transmission line or as a conduit in harsh conditions.

CHEMICAL: Hypodermic tubing is used for fluid transfer in chemical plants or applications because of stainless steel's chemical resistance.

LABORATORY: There are many uses for hypodermic tubing in the lab including chromatography tubes with special fittings. Another is needles, both sharp and blunt, for collecting samples or dispensing.

MEDICAL: Hypodermic tubing has numerous medical applications. It is used in the hypodermic needle, endoscopes and cannulas. Some sizes are used in catheters for various tools.

PHARMACEUTICAL: Because hypodermic tubing is chemical resistant and can be sterilized in a number of ways, it is a good choice for pharmaceutical tooling.

Stock and Customization
Component Supply stocks an extensive offering of gauge sizes in regular wall, thin wall and extra thin wall 304 hypodermic tubing in 30-inch and 60-inch lengths. We provide low minimum order quantities and same-day shipping for our stocked material as well as material certifications by request. We store and ship this tubing in round plastic storage tubes to maintain organization and prevent damage. While production quantities are in stock and ready to ship the same day, Component Supply also excels in the custom fabrication of hypodermic tubing for specific applications. Our capabilities enable us to perform customer-specified precision cutting, bending, deburring and cleaning of hypodermic tubing. Additionally, we have developed systems for incorporating this tubing into standard liquid and gas circuits using hypodermic tubing adaptor ferrules. It's also used to create guide wire assemblies. Because hypodermic tubing is known as an effective component for applications requiring strength, uniformity and corrosion resistance, at Component Supply we seek to increase our capabilities to enhance effectiveness of this product in various applications.

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