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Standard & Custom Needles

Dispensing Needle Inforamtion
Component Supply offers the world's widest selection of high-quality, non-sterile blunt needles made for dispensing fluids. Made with a polypropylene Luer hub and stainless steel hypodermic tubing, blunt needles are available in a variety of lengths and bends and with numerous custom fabrication options. Polypropylene is a tough, flexible thermoplastic polymer. Hypodermic tubing is stainless steel small diameter tubing, which is full hard, welded and drawn. Stainless steel is a family of iron-chromium alloys with effective corrosion resistance particularly known for their non-rusting attributes. We also provide different options for the hub material, either polypropylene or stainless steel, which can be sterilized. Our stainless steel hubs can connect to either metal or plastic.

Application Examples
ELECTRONICS: Blunt needles can dispense adhesives in the production of electronic components.
LABORATORY: In laboratory settings, blunt needles are used as feeding tips or medicine dispensing to animals in laboratory sciences. They can also be used with pipettes or syringes.
MEDICAL: Blunt needles are used for specialty surgical applications or procedures with various tips or configurations.
PHARMACEUTICAL: Blunt needles are effective for dispensing in the production of certain drugs.

Stock and Customization
Component Supply provides the world's largest selection of blunt needles and our customization options are unmatched. We stock lengths ranging from a 1/4-inch to 6 inches and offer same-day shipping. Our custom fabrication capabilities include creating a variety of configurations and sizes, such as longer lengths, custom bends and various point styles. While we stock 1/2-inch long bent blunt needles with either a 90° or a 45° bend, our capabilities enable us to create a variety of configurations of bent and curved needles in numerous sizes as well as compound bends. We can weld needles together and create multiple ports or multiple infusion sites. We also provide different options for the hub material, such as stainless steel, which can be sterilized, or polypropylene, which cannot be sterilized. Our stainless steel hubs can connect to either metal or plastic. Please contact our office if you have further questions about the custom fabrication options for blunt needles.

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