Ceramic Machine Screws

Ceramic Machine Screw, 99.8% Aluminum Oxide


These durable ceramic machine screws are available in thread sizes down to #0-80 and possess the stiffness and rigidity of a monolithic ceramic. Ceramic screws are produced using low pressure injection molded ceramics utilizing a 99.8% fully dense aluminum oxide (Alumina A998). Non-magnetic Alumina is chemically inert and resistant to abrasions, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. These qualities as well as biocompatibility make these screws a beneficial option for medical and laboratory applications. These fasteners also have excellent insulation qualities and are resistant to corrosion and high temperatures of up to 2000°C. They also possess a thermal expansion coefficient to efficiently match other materials surrounding them.
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Ceramic products are commonly used in refractories, abrasives, instrumentation, bio-medical devices, coatings and other laboratory applications. Welding tools and heat treating equipment also utilize this material. They also are beneficial in applications needing non-magnetic material. Ceramic screws are found in medical lighting and certain instrumentation needed for heat and corrosion resistance. Component Supply seeks to assist researchers and product designers in determining the best products for their specific applications. While we do provide some information regarding the potential applications of our products, often there are many more possibilities. Therefore, if you do not see a description for an application that suits your needs, please contact one of our representatives who can give you further information about this product and others that might aid your project.
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Component Supply stocks these ceramic machine screws as well as washers and nuts in the configurations listed on the chart below without minimum order requirements.
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Compliant with ASTM C 1161-02c
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Ceramic Hex Head Machine Screws Washers Hex Nuts
Part Number Size Length Price Each* Part Number Price Each* Part Number Price Each*
HBC-0080-04 #0-80 1/4 19.99 WC-00 3.40 HNC-00 11.72
HBC-0256-04 #2-56 1/4 20.89 WC-02 3.54 HNC-02 12.48
HBC-0256-06 #2-56 3/8 22.29 WC-02 3.54 HNC-02 12.48
HBC-0256-08 #2-56 1/2 24.71 WC-02 3.54 HNC-02 12.48
HBC-0440-04 #4-40 1/4 22.16 WC-04 3.82 HNC-04 13.24
HBC-0440-06 #4-40 13/8 23.81 WC-04 3.82 HNC-04 13.24
HBC-0440-08 #4-40 1/2 26.36 WC-04 3.82 HNC-04 13.24
HBC-0440-012 #4-40 3/4 29.04 WC-04 3.82 HNC-04 13.24