PTFE-Stainless Guide Wire Assemblys

PTFE Guide Wire Assembly, 304 Stainless Steel


Component Supply's PTFE guide wire assemblies consist of PTFE light wall tubing and straightened wire. These assemblies are made with a 72-inch length of PTFE light wall tubing and a 72-inch length of 304V (or 304 depending on the wire diameter) stainless steel straightened wire, giving customers plenty of material to make their own specific cuts. The stainless steel material of the wire coupled with the lubricity of the PTFE makes these guide wire assemblies effective for applications requiring precision tolerances and temperature and corrosion resistance.
Application Examples (Click to Read)
There are numerous applications for Component Supply guide wire assemblies in the medical field, particularly in the following areas: coronary, gastroenterology/renal/urology, obstetrics/gynecology, radiology and peripheral vascular. Specific examples include uses in actuators and push rod assemblies. While Component Supply provides some information for possible applications for guide wire generally there are too many possibilities for a comprehensive description. Therefore, as you consider prospective applications in your industry, please contact one of our representatives who all are eager to assist researchers and product designers in choosing the best products for their specific projects.
Stock and Customization (Click to Read)
Component Supply stocks PTFE guide wire assemblies in the sizes indicated on the chart below. The complete offerings of the PTFE tubing and wire components comprising this product are available on their respective product pages. Component Supply's proprietary processes and equipment enable us to offer numerous custom fabrication services of both the tubing and wire such as cutting, bending, beveling, cleaning and deburring. For more information about the customization options for this product and its related components, please contact our office and speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.
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PTFE and Stainless Steel Guide Wire Assembly
Part Number Gauge Nominal Tubing ID Tubing Wall Size (Tol.) Wire Size Price/*
STTGW-19 19 0.038 0.006 (±0.002) 0.034 18.69
STTGW-20 20 0.034 0.006 (±0.002) 0.032 18.40
STTGW-21 21 0.032 0.006 (±0.002) 0.029 18.23
STTGW-22 22 0.028 0.006 (±0.002) 0.026 17.88
STTGW-23 23 0.026 0.006 (±0.002) 0.024 17.63
STTGW-24 24 0.022 0.006 (±0.002) 0.020 17.56
STTGW-26 26 0.018 0.006 (±0.002) 0.017 17.40
STTGW-28 28 0.015 0.006 (±0.002) 0.014 17.28
STTGW-30 30 0.012 0.006 (±0.002) 0.011 19.16