Palladium™ "Pebax™" Heat Shrink Tubing


This product was the first Pebax™ heat shrink tubing developed. It is a highly flexible, tough, durable and stable heat shrink tubing, which can be Gamma and E-Beam sterilized. It is known for its low longitudinal shrinkage, superior surface finish and high adhesion to material. Other characteristics for this Pebax tubing include:

  • Shrink Temperature: 340°F
  • Durometer (Shore D): 72
  • Elongation at Break: 300%
  • Tensile Strength at Break: 7,500 psi
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Pebax® has many features of thermoplastic elastomer that make it suitable for a variety of applications. It is frequently seen as the outer layer for catheter shaft, wire insulation, covering for coils and braids, bridge splices and auxiliary material for manufacturing. Component Supply seeks to assist researchers and product designers in determining the best products for their specific applications. While we do provide some information regarding the potential applications of our products, often there are many more possibilities. Therefore, if you do not see a description for an application that suits your needs, please contact one of our representatives who can give you further information about this product and others that might aid your project.
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Component Supply stocks Palladium™ "Pebax™" heat shrink tubing with a 2:1 shrink ratio in 5-foot lengths. Available dimensions are indicated on the chart below.
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USP Class VI
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Pebax™ 2:1 Heat Shrink Tubing
Part Number Color Durometer Expanded ID Recovered ID Recovered Wall Price/5ft length/*
PBST2-014-002C Clear 72 0.014 0.007 0.002 $39.33
PBST2-060-010C Clear 72 0.060 0.035 0.010 $39.33
PBST2-060-003C Clear 72 0.060 0.035 0.003 $39.33
PBST2-040-40-004C Clear 40 0.036 0.020 0.004 $39.33
PBST2-060-40-003C Clear 40 0.060 0.035 0.003 $39.33
PBST2-060-40-010C Clear 40 0.060 0.035 0.010 $39.33
PBST2-140-40-006C Clear 40 0.130 0.075 0.006 $39.33