304 Stainless Steel Bent Hypodermic Tubing


Hypodermic tubing is stainless steel small diameter tubing available in a wide variety of gauge sizes and wall thicknesses. Component Supply offers regular wall hypodermic tubing bent to 90 degrees with 1-inch and 2-inch legs. This tubing is full hard, welded and drawn and widely applied in the medical, mechanical, electronic, chemical and aeronautical fields. Hypodermic tubing gauges are based on the Birmingham Gauge, also known as Stubs Iron Wire Gauge, which references the outside diameter. As wall thickness changes for a particular gauge size, the inside diameter changes while the outside diameter remains constant. Stainless steel is a family of iron-chromium alloys with effective corrosion resistance particularly known for their "non-rusting" attributes. Component Supply stocks hypodermic tubing in stainless steel 304, which possesses a minimum of 18% chromium and 8% nickel with a maximum of 0.08% carbon. It is in the chromium-nickel austenitic alloy family, and with its low carbon, it is preferable over 302 for applications requiring welding.
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Hypodermic tubing is known as an effective component for applications requiring strength, uniformity and corrosion resistance. It can be used in air, water, oil, natural gas and chemical circuits. Bent tubing is beneficial for applications necessitating fluid or gas movement in a circuit turning 90 degrees. While Component Supply provides some information for possible applications for bent hypodermic tubing, there are simply too many possibilities for a comprehensive description. Therefore, as you consider prospective applications in your industry, please contact one of our representatives all of whom are equipped to assist researchers and product designers in choosing the best products for their specific applications.
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Component Supply stocks hypodermic tubing bent to 90 degrees in the gauge sizes indicated on the chart below. However, further custom fabrication services are possible for this product. We can bend hypodermic tubing based on a customer-specified bend radius, angle and/or leg length. Furthermore, we can achieve multiple and compound bends. Component Supply has the knowledge of the degree to which bends are possible for different gauge sizes of hypodermic tubing, and we have the capabilities how to achieve them accurately without kinking. In addition, we offer the cutting, beveling, cleaning and deburring of this tubing. Please contact our office about the custom fabrication options for hypodermic tubing in your specific application.
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hypodermic tubing assortment
Stainless Steel 304 Regular Wall Hypodermic Tubing
Gauge OD ID Part Number 1" Legs/* Part Number 2" Legs/*
12G .108/.110 .083/.087 HTXE1-12R 5.25 HTXE2-12R 5.25
13G .094/.096 .069/.073 HTXE1-13R 5.25 HTXE2-13R 5.25
14G .082/.084 .061/.065 HTXE1-14R 5.25 HTXE2-14R 5.25
15G .0715/.0725 .0525/.0555 HTXE1-15R 5.25 HTXE2-15R 5.25
16G .0645/.0655 .0455/.0485 HTXE1-16R 5.25 HTXE2-16R 5.25
17G .0575/.0585 .0405/.0435 HTXE1-17R 5.25 HTXE2-17R 5.25
18G .0495/.0505 .0315/.0345 HTXE1-18R 5.25 HTXE2-18R 5.25
19G .0415/.0425 .0255/.0285 HTXE1-19R 5.25 HTXE2-19R 5.25
20G .0355/.036 .023/.0245 HTXE1-20R 5.25 HTXE2-20R 5.25
21G .032/.0325 .0195/.021 HTXE1-21R 5.25 HTXE2-21R 5.25
22G .028/.0285 .0155/.017 HTXE1-22R 5.25 HTXE2-22R 5.25
23G .025/.0255 .0125/.014 HTXE1-23R 5.25 HTXE2-23R 5.25
24G .022/.0225 .0115/.013 HTXE1-24R 5.25 HTXE2-24R 5.25
25G .02/.0205 .0095/.011 HTXE1-25R 6.25 HTXE2-25R 6.25
28G .014/.0145 .0065/.008 HTXE1-28R 6.25 HTXE2-28R 6.25