microbore to Luer connector

MicroFittings to connect Microbore Tubing to Standard Fractional Tubing


MicroFittings barbed adaptors are specifically designed to connect small-bore, flexible tubing to fractional tubing using a single barb fitting. They are constructed with a proprietary polypropylene barb adaptor body and a stainless steel element used to connect the microbore tubing. Reusable and non-sterile, these MicroFittings accommodate the range of microbore tubing with interior diameters ranging from 0.010 inch to 0.050 inch. The stainless steel element ensures a precise, secure fit for the microbore tubing.
Application Examples (Click to Read)
Microfittings serve functions in most applications involving microbore tubing, which is used in various surgical applications and in the field of microfluidics. It is also utilized in animal research. Other applications include infusion flow restrictor PVC tubing, precision fluid delivery for diagnostic equipment and enteral feeding sets. Component Supply seeks to assist researchers and product designers in determining the best products for their specific applications. While some information is provided regarding the potential applications of our products, often there are many more possibilities. For more information about applications related to your project, please contact one of our representatives.
Stock and Customization (Click to Read)
Component Supply stocks Microfittings in the configurations indicated on the chart below. They are sold individually and can be customized with various lengths or multiple ports. For more custom fabrication information, please contact a Component Supply representative who can inform you of the best options for your specific application.
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• RoHS Compliant
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MicroFittings® 1/16" Barb
Part Number For Tubing ID Fitting OD Fitting ID Works With Tygon® Part Number(s) Price*
MBF-1-062 0.010 .012/.0125 .0055/.007 TGY-010 & TND80-010 12.95
MBF-2-062 0.020 .02/.0205 .0095/.011 TGY-020 & TND80-020 12.95
MBF-3-062 0.030 .032/.0325 .0195/.021 TGY-030 & TND80-030 12.95
MBF-4-062 0.040 .0415/.0425 .0255/.0285 TGY-040 & TND80-040 12.95
MBF-5-062 0.050 .0575/.0585 .0405/.0435 TGY-050 & TND80-050 12.95

MicroFittings® 3/32" Barb
Part Number For Tubing ID Fitting OD Fitting ID Works With Tygon® Part Number(s) Price*
MBF-1-093 0.010 .012/.0125 .0055/.007 TGY-010 & TND80-010 12.95
MBF-2-093 0.020 .02/.0205 .0095/.011 TGY-020 & TND80-020 12.95
MBF-3-093 0.030 .032/.0325 .0195/.021 TGY-030 & TND80-030 12.95
MBF-4-093 0.040 .0415/.0425 .0255/.0285 TGY-040 & TND80-040 12.95
MBF-5-093 0.050 .0575/.0585 .0405/.0435 TGY-050 & TND80-050 12.95

MicroFittings® 1/8" Barb
Part Number For Tubing ID Fitting OD Fitting ID Works With Tygon® Part Number(s) Price*
MBF-1-125 0.010 .012/.0125 .0055/.007 TGY-010 & TND80-010 12.95
MBF-2-125 0.020 .02/.0205 .0095/.011 TGY-020 & TND80-020 12.95
MBF-3-125 0.030 .032/.0325 .0195/.021 TGY-030 & TND80-030 12.95
MBF-4-125 0.040 .0415/.0425 .0255/.0285 TGY-040 & TND80-040 12.95
MBF-5-125 0.050 .0575/.0585 .0405/.0435 TGY-050 & TND80-050 12.95