Hypodermic Tubing Bundle

Luer Tip Squeeze Bottles


Component Supply stocks polyethylene squeeze bottles with Luer caps. They can be used with taper tips or blunt needles for precise, controlled dispensing.
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These squeeze bottles are designed to dispense liquids medium to high viscosity materials such as epoxy, silicone, RTV, sealants, grease and other adhesives quickly and easily. Component Supply seeks to assist researchers and product designers in determining the best products for their specific applications. While we do provide some information regarding the potential applications for Luer tip squeeze bottles, often there are many more possibilities. Therefore, if you do not see a description for an application suiting your needs, please contact one of our representatives who can give you further information about this product and others that might aid your project.
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To bring functionality to demanding laboratory applications, Component Supply stocks these polyethylene squeeze bottles in the sizes indicated on the chart below.
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Squeeze Bottles for Blunt Needles and Polypropylene Taper Tips
Part Number Size Price Each (minimum 5 bottles)*5
SQB-01 1 oz. 2.75
SQB-02 2 oz. 2.75